Madden NFL 20 lets you take the adventures

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Madden NFL 20 lets you take the adventures

Message par rsgoldsale » lun. sept. 09, 2019 2:12 am

Why do all mobile quarterbacks have cannon arms Mut 20 coins restricted agility, for example? It is really hard to put into words how little sense it makes, however, EA can go bare bones and focus on the money-making MUT regrettably. Career Mode should have special gameplay, impactful decisions, and also something similar to ESPN NFL 2K5's"The Crib"--every one of which you can read more about in this breakdown.

Like the option to be a general supervisor, this is something simple that EA should have included in the game a longlong time past. Coordinators can have a huge impact on a team, and the lack of them in Madden is inexcusable, especially for Franchise Mode.

As a GM/owner taking within a surgery, shouldn't we have the choice of hiring an OC or DC from another group to be the franchise's head coach? It is quite annoying to be stuck with a head trainer you do not want, or buy Madden 20 coins even worse, having to employ a generic character, but adding coordinators to the match would eliminate that. We should also have the option to work our way from position coach, to organizer, to head trainer if we so choose.If not, can we get any holiday upgrades on the generic EA scoreboard for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas games?

EA already has got the weather engine from their Battlefield show to have this done, so I am cautiously optimistic. Fans only want realistic snow that could variate out of flurries into a blizzard, clouds that turn to rain, swirling winds, evolving sunshine/shadows, and more weather factors that happen every week in the NFL.