How To Play Sic Bo

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How To Play Sic Bo

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Welcome to the best place to learn how to play Sic Bo. Did you know that Sic Bo means pair of dice? This exciting game has its roots in ancient China and has been played for centuries. Today, Sic Bo is played around the world, and that includes America. You might also find that this same game is called Tai Sai or even Dai Siu. This is the equivalent of Big Small in English. If you happen to be in the Philippines, you might hear it referred to as Hi Lo. One thing is for sure, when you learn how to play Sic Bo you will have plenty of opportunity to play as this is one of the most popular online casino games.

The game of Sic Bo is played using three dice. The object of this game is to guess what the dice will end up as after a throw. The potential outcomes include all single numbers, two-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, or combinations of any two or three of the dice. Payoff combination and payoff odds are always posted on a table which looks very much like a Roulette table. Many of the online casinos will use lights to show the winning combinations. allnewgclub

Playing Sic Bo begins with players making their bets on what they think the dice will be once they are rolled. After the bets are on the table, the dice are rolled.Each of the winning possibilities will then appear on the table layout. The winning payoffs usually range from 1:1 even money for one-of-a-kind, to as much as 180:1 for a certain three of a kind. For example: three sixes.

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Re: How To Play Sic Bo

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